Clarol Duo Care Pack

Value pack combining Sebopure with the Silver & Birch Exfoliating Wash *SAVING £5*

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Sebopure contains a patented natural ingredient from mustard seed called Pixalia™ that purifies sebum production. Helps prevent blockages and inflammation caused by the oxidisation of sebum. Works in harmony with the skin’s natural sebum production. Suitable for skin that produces excess sebum. Silver & Birch Exfoliating Wash contains Birch Bark, which detoxifies skin via natural equivalents of salicylic acid and methyl salicylate, two synthetic chemicals commonly used in anti-acne products. It also contains MicroSilver ™, a smart natural anti-bacterial agent that destroys bad acne bacteria without damaging good skin bacteria, leaving skin clearer and healthier. Pumice Stone and Rice Bran are used to naturally and effectively exfoliate and remove dirt and dead skin cells.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Usage tips Exfoliate skin with Silver & Birch Exfoliating Wash first. Apply to with finger tips to slightly damp skin. Apply to whole face and work into lather with gentle circular movements. Rinse off with clean tepid water. Use twice daily. Apply Sebopure sparingly to entire face after exfoliating. Leave to dry for two minutes before applying other products over the top, or leave on either as a day or overnight stand-alone treatment. Use twice daily.


Really happy*Review by Derra
I've been using the same face wash for years but my skin has been particularly dry and acne has flared up recently. Saw an article in a magazine about sebopure and decided to give it a try.
Been using for a week now and have really noticed a difference, my skin is so soft and spots don't look as red. I'd really recommend it to anyone who suffers with acne, hopefully my skin just keeps getting better. (Posted on 28/02/2017)

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Product FAQs

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  • Can I use any Clarol product on its own?
    Yes, any Clarol product can be used as a stand-alone product
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  • Should I stop using other acne skincare products when I start using Clarol products?
    If you’re on prescription products from your doctor then no, not without talking to your doctor first. If you’re using over the counter products then yes we would recommend you stop using other products while using Clarol products.
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  • Are Clarol products unisex?
    Yes Clarol products can be used by both men and women of all ages with acne. All Clarol products are unperfumed and almost 100% natural so are unisex and can also be used on teen and young skin.
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  • If my acne clears up should I stop using Clarol products?
    We’d advise you to continue using Clarol products if they have worked for your acne. Clarol products have preventative, protective and skin strengthening ingredients in them which means with continual daily use they should help guard against future break outs.
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  • Can other products interfere with the effects of Clarol products?
    Yes, if you are using antibacterial products they may counteract the effects of Clarol products as they work on the principle of restoring a healthier bacterial balance to fight acne rather than wiping out all skin bacteria.
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  • What if my skin stings when I use a Clarol product?
    Always stop using any product that makes your skin sting. You can return the product for a refund. However all Clarol products have formulated very carefully to be low reactivity and very gentle even for very sensitive skins.
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  • Can I use Clarol products on other areas of my body?
    Yes, you can use all Clarol products on any areas of body or facial acne.
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  • Are Clarol products 100% natural?
    No, they are mostly natural but not 100% as we need them to be effective for treating acne and that’s hard with 100% natural ingredients. We call them ‘naturally effective’ which means we make them as natural as we can while still being effective. Clarol products contain no parabens, perfumes, SLS or MI and are suitable for use on sensitive skin.
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  • Are Clarol products tested on animals and vegan?
    All Clarol products are vegan and have not been tested on animals.
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  • How long does it take for Clarol products to work?
    This is not an easy question to answer as everyone’s skin is different and severity of acne can vary hugely. It also depends on what treatments you have been using before you started using Clarol products. It can take some time for skin to detox from these products. However we would expect you to start seeing some positive results with Clarol after approximately two weeks. Some people see a slight worsening of their acne before they start to see an improvement. This is usually due to the skin detoxing from other products.
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  • Can I use Sebopure under other products?
    Yes it can be used under cosmetics, in fact its beneficial to do this.
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  • What if my Clarol product don’t work?
    Acne is a very complex skin condition and so no single product is going to work for everyone. We recommend trying Clarol products for a month and if there’s not improvement then stop using them.
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  • If I use all three Clarol products together will I get better results?
    We have made each Clarol product to address different aspects of acne skincare so when they are all used together you will have a wider and more thorough range of effects for treating your acne.
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